Tanzania Safaris

Take your sense of adventure to Tanzania’s alluring natural beauty on a customized African safari. With your private guide and vehicle, explore diverse wonders—at your own pace—from marveling at the grand scale spectacle of the Serengeti migrations to lounging on the alluring beaches of Zanzibar. See the magnificent herds of elephants at Tarangire Park, hear the calls of lions at ‘Africa’s Eden’ Ngorongoro Crater (the world’s largest intact caldera, home to thousands of animals) or prepare for the climb to the misty mountain top of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. In the wide expanse of Serengeti National Park, witness the largest population of lions and giraffes in all of Africa. Spot cheetah, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelle, eland, baboon, and impala—not to mention black rhino, the elusive leopard, and some 500 bird species. As the sun sinks, enjoy a sundowner, then sleep the night away in your chosen camp. This is the epitome of African safaris. Let our knowledgeable experts create you’ve carefully planned Tanzania safari and discover Africa’s greatest wonders.

5 Days Annual Serengeti Migration


The Northern Serengeti is renowned for its sheer size, primeval landscapes and large populations of plains game that seasonally migrate to follow the nutritious pastures.

9 Days The best of Serengeti Luxury Safari


We have designed this itinerary to celebrate the best of African style accommodation that has come to characterize both the luxury boutique lodge

12 Days Tanzania Honeymoon Safari


Spoil yourself with this luxury experience. The accommodation is intimate and private and you will experience the best of African hospitality amidst the most popular

6 Days Lemosho Route - Kilimanjaro Climbing


Lemosho Route is a fresher route on Mount Kilimanjaro that approaches from the west. It is a tough and long route, but one that is preferred by most trustworthy..

6 Days Tanzania Discover Safari


This 6 day Tanzania safari operates on a set departure basis, departing every Wednesday. This means anyone can join this safari, and as long as there is ..

10 Days Honeymoon safari and Zanzibar


Experience the magic and adventure of a Safari in Tanzania’s only coastal National Park followed by the peaceful bliss of the East Coast of Zanzibar.

13 Days Ultimate Luxury Safari and Beach


This safari has it all! Imagine glimpsing the tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara National Park, ascending the world famous Ngorongoro Crater, watching the

7 Days Lemosho Route - Kilimanjaro Climbing


The Lemosho route is done in 8 days. If you want a longer trek for acclimatization this is suitable option. It meets up with the Machame route at Shira camp.

9 Days Tanzania Family Safari


A family safari that takes in the lush bush like a forest of Lake Manyara, astonishing game viewing opportunities in the spectacular Ngorongoro Crater..

11 Days Private Guided Bird Watching


Tanzania is a top bird-watching destination. It offers ample opportunity to view a wide variety of birds from migratory to resident birds.

6 Days Machame Route - Kilimanjaro Climbing


Is known as the ‘’Whisky Route’’ and is also popular and quite one of the scenic routes on the mountain. Duration is 6 days, acclimatization is easier with a high..

7 Days Machame Route - Kilimanjaro Climbing


The Machame Route gives you the greatest chance to make it to the summit (Uhuru Peak) and is a good all-rounder in terms of value for money and length of the climb.