CREWMountain guide (Wilderness First Responder + instructor level)y
Assistant guide (s) (Up to date red cross first aid certificated)y
Camp Crew (s)y
Cook (s)y
CLIENT TENTSWalk in CANVAS client tenty
Walk in synthetic / lightweight client tent
Full size sleeping coty
3 inch mattressy
Duvet / sheetsy
MESS TENTMess fly sheet (open dining by default)y
Lightweight tablesy
Backed chairy
SAFETY DEVICESSatelite phone*y*
VHF radiosy
Stocked first aid kity
OTHERToilet tenty
Shower / wash tenty
Full trip and safety briefing**y
* satellite phones are used in expeditions where normal cell phones cannot get reliable signal within 3km

** briefings are held in Arusha by our management team. If we cannot meet guests then the expedition guide will give a pre-trip briefing